Patient Testimonials

How Dr. Toler's VISUAL THERAPY PROGRAM has changed peoples lives.

 Bobby is reading at a full grade level above where he was 6 months ago. He actually enjoys reading "for fun" now- a real change from the past! He used to tantrum to avoid reading and writing. He trips rarely now (when walking / running) and is much more confident on the climbing bars. His gross motor movements have become more coordinated and more confident. His skills on computer games of racing, etc., that especially require good eye-hand coordination, accurate perception, and quick reflexes have greatly improved over the last 6 months. Also, his reading comprehension has greatly improved. To Drs. Toler & Toler & all the staff, THANK YOU
-Mrs. Allen

C. hated homework last year. She couldn't comprehend what she read. She was a very frustrated child. I'm sure she would have gotten lost in the system at school. She's a bright child, but she's not performing as well as she should is what I heard from her teacher. 

 Vision Therapy has benefited K. in many ways. His reading ability has improved so in turn has his grades. I don't have to prod him to do his homework like I used to, which I appreciate. I'm not getting reports of his lack of attention in class, which had been a problem. I am really glad that the problem was diagnosed and there was treatment for it.

Where do I start? My daughter loves to read on her own now! Something that I would have never thought to happen. Her handwriting, posture and attention have improved so much. Since homeschooling H., I was able to watch the changes daily. Also her baseball fielding has improved. Her focus and judgment is sharper. I tell anyone who is willing to listen al the benefits of the visual training. I hope other children can be as lucky as H. and can receive therapy to make their school years happy one and not a time of struggle.

B. seems to concentrate for longer periods of time for homework, without the fatigue he used to experience. Gradually, he is regaining the confidence to read fiction. He used to dread any fun reading like that. But he is beginning to realize that it is pleasurable again, without the eye fatigue. Finally, we have not seen any reason to take Ritalin for school and homework hours. We have fixed the concentration problems, instead of using a drug that only covers the problem. 

 Visual therapy program changed my life by making my headaches go away, and life easier to deal with. I will prosper from this program most likely for the rest of my life. I have not suffered a severe headache in a long time. It has also taught me patients and good posture for writing. It has helped me a lot. 

- A Patient

 The most important thing vision therapy has done for me as a parent is the ability to provide hope for my child. In the mist of labels being placed on your child (immature, not working to potential, lazy, poorly motivated) the biggest frustration is helplessness. Seeing your child struggle with skills when you know the ability is there in unbelievably frustrating. Vision therapy has enabled my son to identify problem areas instead of covering them. It has given him the tools to improve skills, concentration and regain his desire for learning. My son no longer uses or believes the labels. 


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